Imagine witnessing a blind girl receiving her sight, or a dead boy coming back to life, or a dead muscle being restored – these are occurences that seem far fetched for people today. But that is not what God has revealed to Mel Bond. With a special annointing from God, Mel asserts that God hurts when we hurt, and is fully convinced that God not only heals miraculously as we read in the Bible in the days of the apostles. Join Sid Roth as he interviews Mel, who will recount the amazing experiences he has witnessed as God heals people of all kinds of diseases. You will be convinced of the healing power of God, His ability to restore, heal and reconcile our bodies, soul and spirit.

In 1984, Jesus visited Mel and said, “Mel, learn to pray with your whole heart, and My anointing will always go into people for their needs to be met.”

Mel teaches you how to pray with your whole heart so that  you pray effective prayers that God answers.