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Judith MacNutt, raised to sense the presence of God in the spiritual realm, heard the words “I Love You” from God in her early 20’s. Since then, she has been privileged to see God’s work through His ministering spirits, giving her a divine insight on the ministry of angels in our lives for protection, healing, and spiritual warfare.

While she was just a little girl, she was knocked her off her bike and run over by a drunk driver. She was taken home where a doctor declared that she would not survive her injuries. Her mother prayed and refused to believe that she would die, and after three days, Judith was completely healed.

Judith recounts one of her most vivid experiences to Sid Roth as she tells him of a time in Israel when God purposefully saved her from death. On her way to visit a flower shop in Old Jerusalem, a voice told her that she should not go. She did not immediately respond to the voice, but after a little persistence, she heeded, and her friend prayed with her. Within a few moments, they heard a bomb go off in the florist shop, which killed everyone in the area.

When she was 28, Judith experienced the healing ministry of angels after being diagnosed with uterine cancer. She went to a home prayer group that night where Francis MacNutt prayed for her, and as he was praying, she felt a hand pressing down on her head. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Francis MacNutt was not near her anymore, so she knew it had been an angel touching her head. The healing power of God flowed through her, and the next day the surgeon pronounced her completely free from cancer.

Later on, after an angelic confirmation, she and Francis MacNutt were married and they had two children.

On another occasion, they were at a healing service at a conference, and the room changed. Judith says that a staircase appeared at the back of the room, and Jesus, with many angels, came into the room and ministered countless healings to all the people at the service.

Judith teaches us that we all are given personal guardian angels who are waiting for us to speak, who want to help empower the promises of God in our lives and give us comfort and strength, just as they did for Jesus. (Matthew 4:11 and Luke 22:43)

Angels minister to us in three forms: their original spiritual bodies, which are large and bright; they also come in human form; and lastly, in an invisible form, which we can’t see with our eyes, but we can sense their presence or feel their touch.

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