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Charles Capps interviews his daughter, Annette Capps about quantum faith, which is “the God kind of faith” that is taught in the Bible. Hebrews 11:1 “Faith observes that which ‘is not,’ and gives it substance so that it may appear and become visible.” Whatever we believe and expect to happen is important. If we expect failure or disaster, that is exactly what will happen.

According to Annette Capps, there are unlimited possibilities that take place in our lives. She explains that people affect everything around them just by how they perceive things and what they believe.

Quantum faith is related to quantum physics.

There are two sets of laws, the natural laws of physics and God’s supernatural law of faith. Each exists in the world. Our lives can be ruled by natural, physical laws, or by the unlimited supernatural power of God. The good news is that we can decide which law will rule in our lives, and that is determined by our faith and the words we speak.

Quantum faith is believing in our hearts what God has told us. Once God’s words become a belief in our hearts, it will help our minds to think differently and our bodies to respond differently. When we add the spoken word to what we think, we will have the power to literally change the physical arrangement of matter and molecules.

Our words are powerful, for both good and bad. When we mix our words with either strong faith in God, or fear in the power of evil, both those actions will produce fruit.

We alone have the power to choose which possibility becomes real. So let’s choose wisely. Let God’s promises become the living force behind your belief system. This is quantum faith. In turn, that will influence the words that you speak, which ultimately will change your future.

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And if you’re interested in learning further, you can pick up the book “Quantum Faith” by Annette Capps here.