Dr. Sandra Kennedy recounts a time when God used her to bring healing to many people, but she was not born again, regardless of her being a youth pastor, and having more than one degree from the seminary. God visited her one day and everything was transformed.

Her ministry now thrives in trusting God at His word, because she believes that God has already healed and transformed people’s bodies and situations.

Most people have dismissed healing because it is labelled as fanaticism and dogmatism, but it pulls at the very fundamental principles of God’s Kingdom, and that is in believing that the one who formed all the parts of our bodies knows how to rectify problems or challenges relating to that body, our task is to believe, accept what God has already planned for us. We know what He has planned by reading the Bible and saturating our minds with the Word of God, and everything we declare and accept in our minds will be a truth from the Word of God, which He will honor.

Sandra recounts a personal experience with God when He healed her upper lip completely, which was completely torn off with no change of restructuring or regeneration. Her doctors told her that she would have at least six-seven surgeries before the reconstruction was over, and she would in the process, lose her smile. In this video, Sandra smiles confidently as a testimony of what she declared God would do, and that is reconstruct her lip and bring it back to normal formation.