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Sid Roth interviews Norvel Hayes to find out what his key has been to staying healthy at eighty-six years of age. Norvel shares what he learned on a visit to heaven — how anyone can have supernatural favor with God.

In this episode of “It’s Supernatural” with Sid Roth, Norvel Hayes shares that his mother died when he was just ten years of age. When Norvel asked God why He didn’t heal his mother, God said that she had never been taught about God’s divine power to heal.

God reminded Norvel about the scripture that says that Christians die for a lack of knowledge in His healing power. (Hosea 4:6) Norvel has recently put what God taught him about divine healing into a book called “Divine Healing: God’s Recipe for Life and Health.”

On one occasion, God gave Norvel a glimpse of heaven. During his visit, the thing that impressed him the most was his breathing. Every breath he took filled him with the presence of God.

Norvel learned two things in heaven: one, help people that are in need because God is love and He’s concerned about the homeless. He’s concerned about the aborted babies. He’s concerned about the hungry.

Norvel’s passion for serving God is clear when he tells Sid, “If you try to do what God wants you to do, the older you get, the sweeter it gets.”

Worship brings healing and blessing.

The second thing Norvel learned in heaven was how to worship God . . . not just for a few minutes on a Sunday morning, but as a lifestyle.

Norvel says that the church he attended didn’t worship God—
they simply sung songs and loved the Lord, but nobody lifted their hands to worship the Lord. God told him, “If you return to me, bow down before me, lift up your hands and worship me, I will heal your land. You can have anything you want. You’re supposed to be living all the time, you and all the other Christians, in the abundant life. Jesus paid the price, my Son paid the price for you to live in the abundant life.”

One of my favorite parts in this interview is 18 minutes into the video, where Norvel Hayes demonstrates how he worships the Lord as he does every day at home. It’s a passionate, Spirit-filled worship of the Lord with his hands lifted to heaven and his heart overflowing with awe and love and gratitude toward Jesus.

Norvel battles depression at times, and if it ever tries to overtake him, he just throws up his hands and says, “Thank you, Jesus; take a hold of me, Lord. The joy of the Lord is my strength.” He sings, “Oh, how I love Jesus because he first loved me.” Then he gets up and dances a little bit and he sits back down and sings some more until all depression leaves.

Norvel reminds us that the devil is not dead. He’ll try and put all kinds of things on you. But nobody who knows the power and the love from Jesus has to accept what the devil tries to put on us. We don’t have to accept evil things from the devil.

We are reminded of three things that help us to live in the abundant life, all the time. The first is to help others that are less fortunate than ourselves. The second is to worship God with your whole heart, and the last is to make sure that we pray for others because scripture promises that if we pray for others, we will be healed ourselves. God is pleased when we pray for others.

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